Holly pls talk to me about cockles because sometimes I worry that it's all put on for the cameras and in reality they're nothing more than close colleagues and I just want it to be real so bad



I mean I have the exact opposite problem recently tbh where i try really hard to not tinhat and to convince myself they’re just friends so i can calm the fuck down but then we get reports of them flirting during their photo ops when there’s only a few people in the room or passing notes during their autographs or Jensen snuggling Misha during his autographs at jib4 when there were only a handful of people around to see or Rich casually mentioning that Misha and Jensen were together when Rob has his stroke so they went to the hospital together or how West took his first steps at Jensen’s house or how Jensen makes the same face when talking about Misha as he does when talking about Danneel or how apparently that night that Misha tweeted that close up picture of Jensen’s eye (during Chicon 2011 I believe?) they were hanging out together probably alone in one of their hotel rooms and later Jared casually mentioned how he was texting Misha to “stop being gay and come hang out” but apparently he didn’t and how there was this whole period at the end of 2011 and the beginning of 2012 where they were acting like a couple going through a breakup but then they were both just so happy all of a sudden after Misha came back to the show and “maybe we can give it another shot” and rug burn from “wrestling” and “Misha and Jensen have lunch together a lot” and how they bicker like a married couple but flirt like schoolboys and that insane natural chemistry between them that can not be manufactured or put on but just is and…